About halfway through Netflix's Love is Blind—a, well, blind love experiment hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey—things get rather controversial...and it has absolutely nothing to do with the contestants' quests to find true love.
网飞的《Love is Blind》节目是由Nick和Vanessa Lachey主持的和陌生人谈恋爱的节目。但节目播出大约一半的时候,引发了争议,而且跟嘉宾寻找真爱毫无关系。

On Episode 6, contender Jessica fires off a lot of questions to Mark, who is 10 years her junior. "I'm someone who wants kids, and I'm no stranger to science," Jessica tells Mark: "So like, I realize that if I want three kids, I probably have to start soon at some point."
在第六期节目中,嘉宾Jessica问了小她10岁的Mark很多问题。Jessica 对 Mark说:“我想要孩子,而且我对理科也不是一无所知。我发现要想生三个孩子的话,可能需要早点结婚。”

Throughout the conversation, there was a hefty pour of red wine in her glass. That's all well and good, but then Jessica began sharing her glass of wine with her dog. To be clear, I'm talking about human wine.

"She just loves wine," Jessica said after doing so. IMO, Mark's lack of response to this serious red flag proved way more alarming than his degree of emotional availableness (which is a gender stereotype if there ever was one). It turns out Twitter also has serious thoughts about this topic.

Luckily for us, Brett White from Decider reached out to Cornell professor Karyn Bischoff to find out if giving a dog alcohol is safe or not. The answer is...NO:
幸运的是,在最后一轮Brett White找到康奈尔大学教授Karyn Bischoff了解给狗喝酒是否安全,答案是否定的:

Dogs will not be able to understand the connection between drinking alcohol and the buzz they would get, and it could be very frightening for them and cause them emotional distress. As we humans know, alcohol reduces inhibitions and impairs judgement, so it’s possible that the impaired dog could have behavioral changes that could be dangerous for people and other animals around them. And the dog certainly wouldn’t understand why it felt sick the next day.

Folks, please think twice before you give your puppy a glass of wine. Please and thank you.