A New Zealand man posted horrifying video footage that showed hundreds of thousands of dead mussels that had washed onto shore after seemingly being cooked to death.

The man behind the video, Brandon Ferguson, had gone to Maunganui Bluff Beach on the country’s North Island with plans to collect some mussels for a relaxing meal with his family.
Brandon Ferguson录的这段视频,他去新西兰北岛的芒格努伊布拉夫海滩本来是要和家人捡点贻贝,大吃一顿的。

“I’m local to the area so I’m always out on ‘the coast’ gathering food for the family,” he explained. “That day I was out with friends and family while they were fishing. We waited for the tide to turn so we could gather mussels.”

However, Ferguson and his group quickly realized that there was something very wrong when they came across hundreds of thousands of mussels that were tight-lipped and tinged with green.

“It smelled like dead rotting seafood,” Ferguson described. “Some of the mussels were empty, some of them were dead… Some were just floating around in the tide.”

Ferguson said that the number of mussels that had been cooked was absolutely enormous.

“There were well over 500,000 mussels and shells littering the coastline,” he said, posting a video on Facebook to spread the word of the terrifying phenomenon.

Though Ferguson said that he had never seen mussels in such condition before, he confessed that this not the first time that sea creatures had washed up onto the shore after showing signs of being cooked. He had previously seen dead shellfish, and the New Zealander claimed that the rising temperatures in the ocean were to blame for the phenomenon.