Beer goggles are stunningly real, and you should know how to avoid them.

Most alcohol research takes place in university labs, where participants get sloshed, and scientists then have them essentially play a game of Hot or Not, asking drinkers which faces they find attractive. This self-reported data yields precisely the inconsistent findings you would expect from questioning drunk people.
大多数酒精研究都是在高校实验室里进行的,参与者都喝醉了,然后科学家主要是让他们玩Hot or Not游戏,问喝醉的人他们觉得哪些面孔很迷人。这种自报数据的结果和你在询问醉酒的人时期望的答案不一样。

Now researchers from UK’s Edge Hill University say they’ve found a better way. They went right to the source: bars (well, pubs) filled with intoxicated people.

The researchers found that while sober people are distracted by attractive faces, drunk people are distracted by, well, any face. To learn this, the researchers had drinkers complete a task while showing them attractive and unattractive faces and tracking their attention. (The “stimuli” were photographs of forward-facing faces from a research database.) Key finding: Even very mildly intoxicated drinkers give their attentions to fugly faces. “This suggests that it doesn’t take much for people to put on their beer goggles,” says coauthor Derek Helm, a psychologist at Edge Hill University.
研究人员发现虽然清醒的人喜欢看好看的脸,但喝醉的人喜欢看所有脸。为了有所发现,研究人员让喝醉的人完成一项任务,同时给他们看好看的和不好看的脸,然后观察他们的注意力。(“刺激物”是研究数据库里的面部正面照片。)主要发现:甚至是醉得不是特别严重的人的注意力都会转移到不太好看的脸上。边山大学心理学家Derek Helm是这项研究的合著者,他说:“这表明人们不用喝太多就会有啤酒眼。”

Now we know: It’s best to decide whether someone’s cute before the alcohol starts flowing. Have fun out there this weekend.